Capturing your brand and your products in house and on location

Hometown Printing provides in studio and on site commercial photography services to complement any design or printing project you may have.

Here at Hometown Printing we have our very own cyc, giving us what appears to be an infinite background for product photography, headshots and more. Cyc is short for the word cyclorama, which in our industry is sometimes also referred to as a ‘cyclorama wall’ or ‘cyc wall’. A cyclorama is a curved wall that is used as a background in order to suggest that there is unlimited space. Here at Hometown Printing we are thrilled that our ‘cyc’ is one of the largest in Durham Region, measuring in at 25’ x 20’. The three seamless sides allow us to create a backdrop with no visible beginning or end. Our cyc is also outfitted with a large bay door which is ideal for larger product shoots, as well as a 14’ ceiling.

Our cyc is extremely effective due to the limitless nature of what can be achieved within the space. This opens a multitude of potential for many things like positioning, editing and lighting during the shoot or in post and allows whatever subject or product we shoot to take center stage.

Hometown Printings experienced photographers also shoot on site and outdoors, whether on land or water and have been offering their photographic skills to the corporate, outdoor and retail industries for several years. Whether it is personal headshots, product photography of any scale or a lifestyle shoot, we have the talent and equipment to ensure the vision is created professionally and effectively.

Our expertise and capabilities allow us to offer many styles of photography for copious subject matters throughout all aspects of commercial photography. This level of diversity makes us the ideal choice for advertising, editorial and commercial clients because we know how to make you and your company stand out.

Have a look at our parent company, Tripp Creative Inc. or Tripp Creative Photography to learn more.