gold foil custom printed business cards

Metallic Foil Business Cards

Metallic Foil Business Cards add that extra dazzle to your design! Your cards will really stand out and catch your clients attention. Foil stamping offers a unique look and feel unmatched by other printing processes. Available in Gold or Silver foils, they are reflective and almost mirror-like, shimmer in all lighting conditions, and look especially great with black or white designs. We can create a beautiful design to make the most of this printing process, and help your branding make that lasting impression.

Paper Type
14PT+2PT Laminated Stock

Silver or Gold Metallic Foil

Raised Foil
Raised foil adds an additional layer of texture to your card. It allows for a designated area to be given more prominence, ensuring your card receives a great deal of interest and professionalism.

Reflective Foil
This specialty technique produces your artwork in your choice of gold or silver foil color, stamped onto the card for stunning results.

Cut to size and packaged
Rounded corners available

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